5 Elements of Adventure

Leadership is both an art and a skill. Partly innate, partly teachable, leadership must be nurtured in order to flourish. At Matt Walker Adventures we have found that outdoor adventure provides a crucible for fostering and developing beneficial team and leadership traits, and that lessons learned outside—in the wild—can be replicated and applied in virtually any organizational setting.

Matt Walker’s Five Elements of Adventure provide a framework to inspire and deeply engage us to create and serve our most core values.

The Five Elements of Adventure serve as the foundation from which all programs are built.

Each expedition, workshop, team development experience, and keynote focus on the development, integration, and application of the Five Elements of Adventure.

  • 01High
  • 02Uncertain
  • 03Total
  • 04Tolerance
    for Adversity
  • 05Great

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01 High Endeavor

A High Endeavor is an undertaking worthy of our energy, love, and devotion. A high endeavor challenges us to be the best and most inspired version of ourselves. Aspiring to High Endeavor helps individuals, teams, and organizations align actions and values. Whether it’s a group of climbers on Everest or a team on a factory floor, if people understand and believe in the “why” behind their day they become empowered to fully engage in the tasks at hand.

02 Uncertain Outcome

An Uncertain Outcome is necessary for adventure. Uncertainty (in reasonable amounts) keeps us engaged, flexible and aware, and fosters creativity and innovation. Attempting to control all of the variables in our personal and professional lives is a losing proposition. Better to embrace uncertainty, anticipate it, and channel it in productive ways.

03 Total Commitment

Successful adventure requires Total Commitment. In the wild, total commitment means the willingness to embrace challenges, work together, and move toward success, and the same holds true in corporate settings. Total commitment is not blind faith or brazen disregard, but rather confidence and belief in the face of obstacles and adversity.

04 Tolerance for Adversity

Successful adventure requires a Tolerance for Adversity. Tolerance for adversity means the ability to remain resilient in the face of challenges, to be able to laugh and demonstrate grace under fire. Leaders and team members with a tolerance for adversity can see the forest and the trees and inspire those around them to pull together and stay the course.

05 Great Companionship

While our lives can sometimes feel solitary, we can’t make this journey alone. It takes a team—companions—to live with commitment, joy, generosity, and gratitude. Great Companionship is valuable in the wilderness and in our personal and professional lives. Great companions can provide varied skill sets, differing perspectives and a range of creative ideas and solutions to help inspire better outcomes.