Why Adventure?

figure-01Matt Walker understands that rewarding experiences born from challenge are never a handout. They’re earned. Accomplishment starts from within. It’s why we’re as much about the discovery of self, as we are a new place. It’s slowing down to be present in your surroundings.

Matt Walker facilitates adventure learning to connect individuals with their leadership potential in their professional and personal lives. He employs adventure to create purpose, authenticity, and passion both professionally and personally.

Matt offers motivational speaking, team building, and professional development coaching that connects the lessons learned from adventuring in the worlds most difficult environments to the challenges and opportunities in our professional and personal lives.

It is his mission to challenge clients outside their comfort zone, introducing new perspectives to problem solving and setting goals they may not have thought possible. Although adventures are measured in days, it’s his intent for the inspiration gained to be embraced for a lifetime.

About Matt Walker

  • Matt Walker

    Matt is the managing director and founder of Matt Walker Adventures. He connects more than twenty years of international mountain guiding experience with a Master's in Organizational Development to facilitate expeditions and workshops, deliver keynotes, and support team and individual development. Matt is a Certified Rock Instructor and Apprentice Alpine Guide by the American Mountain Guide Association. Matt is a professional member of the National Speakers Association. He lives with his family in the Methow Valley, Washington.