Success has come to you, but the high of reaching your goals has worn off.

You crave new challenges that will bring excitement and thrill into your life. Something ... anything to ignite the passion you once felt.

You wonder, “what’s it going to take for me to feel fulfilled and satisfied?”

It’s going to take getting out of your comfort zone.

You need a wake up call so you can see your life for what it really is - awesome and amazing.

Shifting from malaise and burn-out to awe and wonder can happen over one weekend of adventure!

Allow yourself to unplug and shut out the noise and distractions of everyday life. Put all your focus and energy into learning new skills while out in nature and break free of your stuck patterns of behavior to create lasting change.

Change that will bring back the stoke!

Adventures with MWA include five critical elements that will challenge your preconceived notion of what is possible in your life. You will learn to clear your head and open yourself up to new thoughts and ideas - new ways of experiencing your everyday life.

These elements include:

  • 01High
  • 02Uncertain
  • 03Total
  • 04Tolerance
    for Adversity
  • 05Great

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01 High Endeavor

An undertaking worthy of your energy, love, and devotion. It will challenge you to be the best and most inspired version of yourself.

02 Uncertain Outcome

Taking on something that’s not guaranteed to succeed. You can do your best to control life but unexpected things happens. Being mentally and emotionally strong enough to reevaluate and change course, will get you to results.

03 Total Commitment

Means there is no chicken exit. A successful adventure requires total commitment. The same holds true in life - having the commitment and confidence to face adversity leads to results.

04 Tolerance for Adversity

Determines how you manage challenges and conflict. Adventure requires tolerance for adversity. Facing it with grace will make the highs and lows more tolerable in the rest of your life as well.

05 Great Companionship

You aren’t meant to go through life alone. Living in community - during an adventure and in day-to-day life - fosters new perspectives, varied skill sets and a range of creative ideas and solutions.

Join me and other high achievers on a fully guided multi-day adventure that incorporates the Five Elements of Adventure.

You will:

  • Integrate the 5 Elements of Adventure on each trip that can transfer to your daily life.
  • Push your boundaries and meet new challenges without the usual distractions.
  • Learn to break free of your stuck patterns of behavior and embrace uncertainty.
  • Redefine what’s important in your life and leave with a renewed sense of purpose.
  • Have the tools and mindset to experience joy in everyday living.

Your life is precious. Stop hesitating...

Pick your epic adventure and live an epic life.

Each of these trips includes pre and post trip coaching sessions so you start the trip with a high level of awareness of the changes you want … and emerge with a plan for implementing them.

For those who are ready for really big changes, check out my full coaching and adventure packages.

3 Day Trips

Joshua Tree Climbing
Camp -
Palm Springs, CA

Learn to rock climb in one of the most dramatic and awe-inspiring national parks in the Western United States. This high mountain desert landscape is covered in granite domes split with cracks that are begging you to climb them!

We spend three days at the park learning the fundamentals of movement and techniques that are specific to the unique nature of climbing in Joshua Tree. They we build skills - technical and interpersonal - to progress from single pitch rock climbs to ascend an 800 - 1000 foot climb on a granite dome by day 3.

In three days you will shatter your preconceived notions of what is possible and walk away at the end of the trip with a sense of confidence, power and the passion and skills to live a fully engaged life.


August 19 - 21, 2018 - Women’s Climbing Camp

Cascade Towers Alpine
Ascents - North
Cascades, WA

The North Cascades National Park is one of the most rugged and remote locations in the United States. Our program is based in the hamlet of Mazama, WA at the entrance of the North Cascades National Park.

We are based out of a luxury lodge, the Freestone Inn, where we will begin and end each day with family style meals and drinks. The focus of the Cascade Towers program is to enter a challenging environment in the high alpine mountains to test your mental and physical skills.

During this trip we will ascend an alpine tower at Washington Pass, hike into the heart of the north cascades, climb one of five towers in the area via a technical route, stand on a summit the size of your kitchen table, rappel descent, and enjoy a full day in the high alpine with sweeping views of the Methow Valley.

Matt Walker is a co-owner of North Cascades Mountain Guides (NCMG). This adventure program is run as a NCMG program and NCMG operates under Special Use Permits with the Okanogan-Wenatchee and Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forests, and is an equal opportunity outdoor recreation service provider.

Click here to learn more about North Cascades Mountain Guides.


4 Day Trips August 4 - 7, 2018

Mt. Baker Expedition -
Bellingham, WA

Take four days away from the demands of life and work and immerse yourself in an expedition ascent of the immense and dramatic Mt. Baker (10,781 ft). While Mt. Baker has relatively low elevation it is flanked by some of the largest and most dramatic glaciers in the United States.

Situated close to Bellingham, WA our route gives us a novel view: we are traveling and living on glaciers with an astounding view of the San Juan Islands and the Puget Sound.

You will work hard to summit this mountain. Period. It will test your fitness, test the voice in your head that questions why you try things that are outside of your comfort zone, and test your resilience to adversity.

You will put the 5 Elements of Adventure to the test during this trip. But the reward is full engagement.

This trip requires some basic level of fitness as you will carry your own gear and will be sleep in a tent on the mountain.

Matt Walker is a co-owner of North Cascades Mountain Guides (NCMG). This adventure program is run as a NCMG program and NCMG operates under Special Use Permits with the Okanogan-Wenatchee and Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forests, and is an equal opportunity outdoor recreation service provider.

Click here to learn more about North Cascades Mountain Guides.


12 Day Trips September 13 - 27, 2018

Kilimanjaro Expedition
- The Roof of Africa,

Are you looking to push yourself to new limits you’ve never experienced before?

Here is your opportunity to immerse yourself in an entirely new environment with a group of people who will challenge you to your highest potential and elevate you to a whole new level. Prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime. Take a journey with a group of incredible people who are looking for the same opportunities and challenges as you. You’ll learn how to lead and collaborate with one another while trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro together. You’ll come out of this journey with a whole new self-awareness and confidence that you can apply to all facets of your work, relationships, and life.

Program Highlights

  • You’ll learn by doing in a way that cannot be replicated in any classroom environment: you’ll put advanced concepts into use immediately in real-life scenarios and develop strong mastery of key tools and approaches.
  • 1:1 custom-coaching throughout the program that will help you apply the Five Elements of Adventure to support development in both your personal and professional life.
  • Expedition and summit climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest point in Africa. Expedition is led by team members individually, daily, and collectively by the team as a whole. Matt Walker and his team will provide facilitation, feedback, and support and guidance throughout.