Let’s hit the next summit in your life

Your life is busy and you feel uninspired. You work hard and contribute to everyone else first. On the surface you’ve built a great life – career, family, friends, but deep down you’ve lost your purpose. You feel empty and want to feel fulfilled and alive again.

When did your day-to-day life become so out of balance with your core values?

You know there is more to life than just going through the motions. Your life was once adventurous and had a clear purpose and you know it’s possible to feel that again. You want to shift from feeling tired and overwhelmed to inspired, authentic and full of energy.

You crave adventure and want a meaningful challenge just for you – to climb a mountain, literally!

You are ready to stop dreaming and get back the drive you once had. You are motivated to make some serious changes in your life and become your best self by living your truth.

This is where I come in. I can be your guide on this journey of rediscovering the best of you. The you before you felt distant from everyone and locked into “success” without enjoying the freedom you thought it would bring.

Together we will move you towards your ideal self. The place where you recognize that you are capable. It’s time to test and challenge yourself – set big goals and fully embrace them.

Working together is the right move if you:

  • Feel successful on paper only.
  • Crave more engagement in your life & challenge that keeps you interested and giving 100%.
  • Are operating on auto-pilot – meeting your needs but aren’t satisfied or happy.
  • Feel like you are giving to everyone else but yourself.
  • Don’t care about keeping up with the Joneses and want something different & unique for your life.
  • Prioritize experience over materialism (this feels empty to you).
  • Want to go big.
  • Need to be held accountable and want a system to support you.

After you embark on this journey you will:

  • Create sustainable habits that support adventure in everything – full engagement in your work and your most significant relationships.
  • Manage life transitions with vision, clarity, and dynamic energy.
  • Articulate your core values and align your behaviors and action with them.
  • Cultivate relationships that foster adventure and support your high endeavors.
  • Become a true leader at work.
  • Identify and rewire limiting beliefs.
  • Achieve your health and fitness goals.
  • You will feel present, energized and adventurous.
  • Have the confidence and power to mentor others to step fully into their high endeavors.

3 Month Jumpstart to Full Engagement Living

Stop operating on auto-pilot. Are you needs being met but you aren’t satisfied, happy, or engaged in your business and life. 3 Month Jumpstart to Full Engagement Living  is the catalyst for creating adventure and vitality in your personal and professional life.

Adventure is the new ‘black’, and 3 months is the ‘new year’. 3 months = 1 BHAG. It’s the jumpstart you need to push beyond the plateau you are on and onward to new summits of success and reward.

What this package includes:

We start the Jumpstart to Full Engagement fast and with intensity. After all we have three months to kick it in to full gear! Starting with a customized intake process our following 6 sessions are singularly focused on tackling and engaging with a single BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) and addressing all aspects of your professional and personal life in order to achieve that goal. It’s hard driving and focused.

Additionally, you will receive unlimited email support during this time, six 10-minute laser focused “I am stuck and need help now” sessions, and a set of accountability tools and books sent your way to support your success. #crushyourexcuses because we are going big here and with intensity!


Only $1,425 for this 3 month focused and intense package – #crushyourexcuses

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The Ascent – Coaching Package

Untitled-1The Ascent Coaching Package focuses on High Performance Success and will help you build confidence and move towards your authentic self in your personal and professional life. It will make you feel free again as you gain back the independence and energy you once had. You are ready for the challenge of believing and experiencing that there is adventure in everything.

What this package includes:

In the first month of the Ascent Coaching Package you will receive a fully customized intake process and one coaching session dedicated to goal setting. Part of your intake will involve a Strengths Assessment test to target your strengths so we can focus on your most productive path to success.

A welcome gift box with a monthly accountability journal and a variety of tools and books to support your success and development will assist you as we work together.

Once the intake is complete and we have your goals mapped out, we’ll connect for two, 40 minute coaching sessions for 6 months. I will also make myself available to you for short calls or email support in between our regular calls for any challenges that may arise between sessions. You will receive monthly assignments and accountability tracking to keep you focused and engaged.

And you will literally climb a mountain with the Climb to the Summit Experience as we head out on a 3-4 day intensive adventure at one of the following locations:

  • Rock Climbing in the Desert Oasis, Joshua Tree, CA
  • Alpine Rock Towers in the Cascades
  • Mt Baker Summit Climb, WA
  • Cochise Stronghold Desert Towers Rock Climbing Adventure, Tucson, AZ

And finally, you will be invited to join me at our customer appreciation event held at a rotating tap of adventure sites throughout North America (previous locations have included Joshua Tree, CA, Sedona, AZ, Grand Teton, WY among others, free of charge, and receive an invite to our Kilimanjaro climbing expedition.


Only $6,500 for this 6 months of coaching and adventure!

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The Peak Performance Summit Coaching Package

summitThe Peak Performance Package is intended to help you reach your goals with a faster, more intense approach. Your business, your life, your summit! I will help you achieve and experience significant, and possibly unprecedented, progress in a very short period of time.

We will work intimately together to set your Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs)! I will provide accountability and goal tracking and together we will shatter your roadblocks and tackle your challenges – the things that hold you back from living fully engaged.

You will literally climb many mountains and experience dramatic shifts in energy, your ability to focus and your overall health and well-being. Be prepared to embrace uncertainty as a powerful and positive force that fuels engagement and experience adventure in everything.

This package includes everything in the Ascent Coaching Package +

22 one on one coaching sessions with me, 5 private just in time sessions, direct email access and a two-day private climbing or mountain adventure with me in any of these locations:

  • North Cascades National Park, WA
  • Joshua Tree National Park, CA
  • Red Rocks, Las Vegas, Nevada

(travel expenses not included for Joshua Tree or Red Rocks).

You will also receive a VIP coaching day (travel expenses not included if VIP day is held outside of the Methow Valley or Seattle, WA) and a bonus VIP day of adventure or climbing if you choose North Cascades National Park.

You will have first priority to join our Mt. Kilimanjaro climbing expedition, which is run annually and limited to 6 participants. As well as first priority at our customer appreciation event.

And lastly, you can book one 60 minute keynote presentation to use for a corporate or private event – travel expenses not included in package.

Cost: $18,500 for this 6 months of coaching and adventure!

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