Start Living The Life You Want Now!

Overcome your excuses + mental blocks so you can reach your potential.

If you are tired of listening to your own excuses and know you aren’t living life as fully as you could, this community is for you.

This is your chance to join 8 of your peers in an exclusive 12 week mastermind group. It’s a no-BS zone where we’ll work through your Expedition Ascent Plan to fuel full engagement living in your personal and professional life.

If you are starving for change, are ready to do the work AND can support others as they do the work, this group is for you.

You will emerge with renewed energy, laser-sharp focus and the tools and support system to live a life full of joy and adventure.


Working together is the right move if you:

  • Feel successful on paper only.
  • Crave more engagement & challenge. To keep you interested and giving 100%.
  • Are operating on auto-pilot – meeting your needs but aren’t satisfied or happy.
  • Feel like you are giving to everyone else but yourself.
  • Don’t care about keeping up with the Joneses and want something different & unique for your life.
  • Prioritize experience over materialism (this feels empty to you).
  • Want to go big.
  • Need to be held accountable and want a system to support you.

After you embark on this journey you will:

  • Create sustainable habits that support adventure in everything – full engagement in your work and your most significant relationships.
  • Manage life transitions with vision, clarity, and dynamic energy.
  • Articulate your core values and align your behaviors and actions with them.
  • Cultivate relationships that foster adventure and support your high endeavors.
  • Become a true leader at work.
  • Identify and rewire limiting beliefs.
  • Achieve your health and fitness goals.
  • Feel present, energized and adventurous.
  • Have the confidence and power to mentor others to step fully into their high endeavors.

Duration: 12 weeks

  • 7 90 minute Group Sessions
  • 3 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Matt Walker: Refinement, Strategy, and Implementation
  • VIA Strength Finder assessment
  • Coaching based on your goals from the Expedition Ascent Plan
  • Weekly homework to maximize your progress between coaching sessions
  • Private Facebook page for ongoing and direct interaction with Matt and other team members - this tool is crucial to creating a community that thrives, I will share my unique approach to utilizing this private page and creating a solid and trusting team environment.
  • 2 Ascent Plan book club books

Fee: $1500.00

Program Schedule

12 Weeks

Week 1: Start / Intro

Week 2: 1:1 Session

Week 3: Perception: Macro and MicroAdventures

Week 4: Implementation week

Week 5: Recalibration: Centering, Focus, and Defining Intention

Week 6: 1:1 session

Week 7: NWOB - new tools, shed OWOB patterns

Week 8: Implementation week

Week 9: The Art of Great Companionship

Week 10: 1:1

Week 11: Moving Forward with Strength and Focus

Week 12: Next Steps