Leadership Audit

The online leadership and team development audit assessment is a tangible leadership development tool based on the Five Elements of Adventure model.

Leadership is both an art and a skill. Partly innate, partly teachable, leadership must be nurtured in order to flourish. At Matt Walker Adventures we have found that outdoor adventure provides a crucible for fostering and developing beneficial team and leadership traits, and that lessons learned outside—in the wild—can be replicated and applied in virtually any organizational setting.

With this self-assessment audit, participants will learn how they and their team is doing in five critical leadership areas: high endeavor, uncertain outcome, total commitment, tolerance for adversity, and great companionship.

Since 2008, teams from a variety of industries and sizes have participated and benefited from integrating the Five Elements of Adventure into their personal workflow and supported their teams development and achievement. This audit, while only 30 questions in length, provides a targeted and accurate look at your personal and organizational strengths and highlights areas that can be further developed.

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Key Takeaways

  • A customized audit report that summarizes the Five Elements of Adventure model and details team and individual results.
  • Tips and exercises for improving areas of challenge and sharpening areas of strength.
  • The opportunity to consult, at-no-cost, directly with Matt Walker to examine the results of your leadership audit and explore solutions.

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Use the scale below to indicate how each statement applies to your team. Please use the entire scale to represent your most accurate response, and be as honest as possible. Your individual responsees will be held confidential. They will only be seen by professionals at Matt Walker Adventure.

While it is important to be thoughtful, don't agonize over each response. The Assessment should not take more than 15 minutes.

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High Endeavor

Successful adventure often begins with a bold goal or difficult challenge - a “high endeavor.” These questions are designed to explore your organization’s aptitude and potential in this area.

Our leaders and employees teams “think big” and push the status quo.

Our leaders and teams dedicate time to imagine what might be possible.

We have a healthy, robust process for exploring new ideas and approaches.

Our teams and leaders are enthusiastic about change and innovation.

Our leaders understand the value of high endeavor in the workplace.

Total Commitment

Successful adventure requires total commitment on the part of all team members. How do you rank your organization in this area?

Our leaders end discussions with clear and specific resolutions and calls to action.

Our teams sticks to decisions even when there is disagreement.

Team is aligned around common objectives and goals.

Leaders answer questions and offer ongoing support.

Team members are invested in tasks and projects and feel responsible for outcomes.

Uncertain Outcome

Adventure requires a willingness to embrace unexpected conditions and challenges. How does your organization fare in this area?

Our leaders and employees tend to embrace uncertainty and deal with it head on.

Teams and leaders are skilled at adapting to rapidly changing conditions.

Teams and leaders endeavor to channel uncertainty and turn it into a positive.

Our teams have the skills and training they need to adapt to market uncertainty and instability.

When the unexpected happens our employees rally and pull together.

Tolerance for Adversity

Completing a worthwhile adventure can require fortitude and mental toughness.

Our leaders and team members generally confront adversity with a positive, can-do attitude.

Following set-backs, our team regroups and pushes on with renewed energy and focus.

Team members are good at staying focused on long-term goals while simultaneously solving immediate challenges.

We have an established technique/system for analyzing setbacks and using what we learn in new situations.

Our employees tend to work together and support one another when times are hard.

Great Companionship

Adventures often turn out well when all team members feel valued, empowered and supported.

Our leaders and team members are good about recognizing the contributions of others.

Our employees aren’t afraid to voice their opinions—even at the risk of causing disagreement.

Team members ask for help without hesitation.

Team members tend to share responsibility when goals aren’t met

Team members readily acknowledge and tap into one another's skills and expertise.