My life revolves around adventure. Adventure in the classic sense of scaling high mountains in remote regions of the world and adventure in the mindful sense of living each day, each project, and in each relationship with intention, focus and humor.

Matthew gave an impassioned and perceptive keynote. You could hear a pin drop while he was describing Mt Everest and his transition to applying adventure to our business – perfect! We are bringing him back for more!

Outdoor adventure provides a crucible for fostering and developing beneficial team and leadership traits, and that lessons learned outside, in the wild, can be replicated and applied in virtually any organizational setting.

I love to share my life-shaping experiences and have compressed my approach into presentations designed to uplift, inspire & motivate each member of the audience.

“A great presentation! Matthew connects significant outdoor experience and adventures and transforms them in practical approaches to our personal and professional lives. Whether it was how to better engage or how to drive toward your personal or professional goals, the keynote provided a unique experience. It was inspiring, entertaining, and we came away with practical ways to apply the Five Elements of adventure to our lives.”
~ Dave Manchester, SVP Sales, Cycling Sports Group, Cannondale

I had an epiphany while climbing by moonlight at 2am at 24,000 feet in the Himalayas: translate the essence of adventure into all aspects of our lives; personal and professional. I returned from this expedition and created the Five Elements of Adventure – the foundation for applying adventure into all areas of our lives and not reserve it for rare occurrences.

The result? Guiding principles that support individuals and organizations to push beyond preconceived notions of what is possible and align their values with concrete action.

Utilizing dramatic photography and riveting stories from the mountains, I directly translate the leading styles and skills from expeditioning in the highest and most remote mountain ranges on Earth to the challenges organizations face to innovate, lead, and pioneer in their own space.

My keynotes provide a unique experience for your group on how to connect with their purpose and drive towards their personal and professional goals. They are inspiring, entertaining and full of tangible applications. I teach people how to apply the Five Elements to everyday living.

  • 01High
  • 02Uncertain
  • 03Total
  • 04Tolerance
    for Adversity
  • 05Great

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01 High Endeavor

It is the ability to think big and think bigger about who we are, how we live, and what we can do in the world.

02 Uncertain Outcome

Life is uncertain – and we must get comfortable with it! It is the acknowledgement that there will be adversity and unease, but that an uncertain outcome is a gift of possibility.
Total commitment – This is the spirit of willingness to embrace challenge and move toward success.

03 Total Commitment

This is the spirit of willingness to embrace challenge and move toward success.

04 Tolerance for Adversity

It is our ability to be resilient in the face of challenge, our willingness to laugh, use humor, and be graceful during difficult situations.

05 Great Companionship

While our lives can sometimes feel solitary, we can’t make changes in isolation. It takes a team to support living in commitment, joy, generosity and gratitude.

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Listeners will learn how to navigate uncertainty and prepare for the unknown. They will come to understand how their personal values directly impact their excellence and achievement. Specifically they will learn about:

  • Embracing uncertainty as a driver of achievement.
  • Recognizing the Four Faces of Uncertainty and how to engage them.
  • How a clear vision combined with shared values is the antidote to uncertainty.
  • How to build a team that will embrace change and excel under pressure.
  • How flexible teams and clear communication opportunities utilize uncertainty as marker for success.

Keynote length: :45 minutes to 1:30 hour depending on Q & A and desired workshop activities.

“Matthew Walker’s presentations and programs have been an asset to our property. His perspective and direct approach offers our guests a unique experience that is simultaneously engaging, challenging, and rewarding.”
~ Michael Tompkins President and GM, Miraval Resorts