"As a sponsor of Matt’s presentation, I found that he was very easy to work with both prior, during and after our event. His website was valuable in encouraging people to attend and the slides that accompanied his talk were outstanding. People responded very well to Matt’s style and content. His stories and the 5 Elements of Adventure were illuminating and I was able to apply them to our financial lives in my concluding remarks.  Clients were particularly impressed with his relatability in the Q & A at the end. I would highly recommend Matt."

William Koontz

Lincoln Financial Advisors

""Matt's perspective of adventure and leadership was both inspiring and insightful - his ability to apply the metaphor to our business and the unique challenges we face has informed our internal process and definitely impacts how we see and manage challenge!" "

Colin Bodel

SVP, Amazon.com

"“A great presentation! Matthew connects significant outdoor experience and adventures and transforms them in practical approaches to our personal and profession lives. Whether it was how to better engage or how to drive toward your personal or professional goals, the keynote provided a unique experience. It was inspiring, entertaining, and we came away with practical ways to apply the Five Elements of adventure to our lives.” “SVP Sales, Cycling Sports Group, Cannondale"

Dave Manchester

SVP Sales, Cycling Sports Group, Cannondale

""Matthew Walker’s presentations and programs have been an asset to our property. His perspective and direct approach offers our guests a unique experience that is simultaneously engaging, challenging, and rewarding.” "

Michael Tompkins

President and GM, Miraval Resorts

"I've brought what I've learned from his five elements of adventure into my work - the work of innovation.  Innovation is also an adventure that involves a high endeavor and an uncertain outcome, total commitment, tolerance for adversity, and great companionship. I bring Matt's inspiration into my work, calling innovation an adventure, and encourage others to consider our time together filled with adventure and great companionship."

Kerry O'Connor, Austin, TX

Serial Intrapreneur and Innovator

"Learning to rock climb had been on my ‘bucket list’ for a few years – but doing it with Matt Walker took it to a whole different level. The trip was perfect – the travel, the gear, the food, and the guides. But, connecting the Five Elements of Adventure into the experience gave our team building experience a depth I didn’t anticipate. Thank you for an adventure of a lifetime! We’ll be back!"

Robert McLean, Indianapolis, IN

Medical Director

"I was recently part of a team building program that Matt Walker facilitated. The overall experience that was created was amazing, hands down. The unique combination of professional development and outdoor adventure reinforced each other at a deep, fundamental level. I left the experience with a more solid approach to confidently building and growing my company, feeling more centered and directed in my life, and elated at the physical experience of climbing Mt. Baker."

Paul Bradley, Seattle, WA


"I had been looking to make a pretty big leap in my professional life, and thought that a physical endeavor like this one would be a good way to see just how ready I was to get outside my comfort zone. Matt and his team were nothing short of incredible. It's one thing for me to risk my hide by scaling the side of a rock, but to lead a group of people and make them feel safe and cared for at 1,000 feet in the air--that's something. I knew at once I could trust my life to this man, and I was right. I would be hesitant to climb with anyone else. (Oh, and by the way--I made the leap and have never looked back!)"

Terri Trespicio, NYC, NY

Writer and Radio / TV Personality