7 Reasons To Join A Mastermind Group

A mastermind is not an evil genius, but rather a peer-to-peer mentoring group designed to help its members improve personally and professionally.

The fifth element in the Five Elements of Adventure is Great Companionship. It suggests we can accomplish much more in life when we work cooperatively with others towards a common goal.

Benjamin Franklin understood the power of brilliant minds collectively discussing relevant topics and solving problems. In 1727, before anyone had heard the term ‘mastermind,’ he formed a group called, The Junto. It comprised 12 members motivated by self-improvement. They discussed topics such as politics, morals, business, and science.

It wasn’t until about 75 years ago that self-help author, Napoleon Hill, coined the term ‘mastermind’.

Team building


Here are 7 great reasons to join:

Accountability – At the end of each meeting you will set actionable items and goals to complete before the next session. It takes discipline to take on a new endeavor, and your fellow mastermind members are there to keep you accountable and on task. They will ensure you maintain behavior necessary to succeed.

Collaboration – It’s easy to try and do everything on your own, but we aren’t meant to. Working with others encourages collaboration and fosters an environment where you can expand your thinking, acquire new skills and gain different perspectives. Building community is an important part of growth.

Help Others – Zig Ziglar once said the best way to get what you want is to help others get what they want. Helping others is an excellent way to increase your understanding of any subject and seeing others succeed feels good.

Feedback – You may have difficulties with a particular area of your career or personal relationships that other successful people can help with. Let your group collectively assist you with the situation or problem as they can offer insight and experience that you don’t have. Everyone is there to experience success, so there are no hidden agendas.

Problem Solve – they say that two heads are better than one. Share a problem with your mastermind group and collectively it will get solved. Life can get lonely sometimes, but when you’re in a mastermind group, you are no longer alone. Your problem becomes everyone’s problem — think of it as having a group of advisors.

Support – If you have an overwhelming issue that you need help with there’s an excellent chance someone in your group has already experienced it and can offer valuable advice. Receiving support from someone is a good way to deepen a relationship and gain lasting friendships.

New Connections – A mastermind group is an excellent place to meet new people and make long-term friends. It’s also a great place to find other people to collaborate with on business projects. You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with so why not frequently meet with other like-minded individuals who will encourage greatness from you.

A successful mastermind group can help you propel your personal and professional life in a short period. They are built on integrity and trust and all information shared must be held in confidence.

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