About Matt Walker

Leadership Coach. International Mountain Guide.

I believe Adventure is Everyone.

Hi, I’m Matt Walker. I’m an International Mountain Guide and Psychologist

My greatest passion is helping people extend their awareness and vitality through experiencing the five elements of adventure.

After leading 25 years of expeditions, I started Matt Walker Adventures because I was watching men have huge life-changing experiences on outdoor adventures. But too many men were missing out on huge opportunities to stay grounded and make long-term changes after the trip.

"Modern Living is a prison for the soul;
Adventure offers the key."

-Matt Walker

Unlocking a Life That's Fully Engaged

The experiences we have in the outdoors impact us profoundly. All adventures big or small — from camping with our families, a hike after work, our first summit through the Himalayas – They help us by enriching our relationship to nature, creating new memories, and offering us valuable lessons that transfer back into our daily lives.

I believe that epic adventures without solid coaching doesn’t lead to sustainable changes in your life. I was looking for a better way.

By pairing my background in psychology with my experience as a mountain guide, I combine an outdoor adventure experience with life-shifting coaching you won’t find anywhere else.


How we help you live a life of purpose and passion

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We believe adventure is a catalyst for clarity.

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Life-shifting Coaching

When life feels overwhelming, you need coach to help you be grounded and live fully engaged in each moment.

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