My friend and colleague, Steve Luckenbach,  just wrapped up his first experience rock climbing adventure last week. Together we climbed at Red Rocks in Las Vegas, Nevada. To say it was an empowering and enlightening experience that transformed his perspective on work and life is an understatement!

I’ll let Steve’s own words do the work describing his experience, check out Steve’s blog post reflecting on his first multi-pitch rock climb as well for more learning and insight on his journey as an executive leader and keynote speaker.

….While I have a rope tied to my harness, everything within you says falling is not an option, whether you’re 50 feet or 600 feet off the ground.  I must say I found it helpful not to look down, but what quickly dawned on me as I looked for the next place to place my hand and foot was that contemplating failure was of absolutely no benefit…

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Check out some photos from Steve’s adventure last week below: