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For all the men [or the men in your life…]

I’ve held women’s retreats before (read here why women’s retreats are so valuable) and now in 2018/2019, I’m offering the men an opportunity to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with their inner selves. If you have ever had a moment of solitude – a moment to just be present with yourself – amongst […]

5 ways to create work/life balance

For many of us, attaining a healthy balance between work and life outside work can seem like an almost impossible task. We live in an age where almost everyone has to juggle a heavy workload, manage demanding relationships, and attend to social and family responsibilities. Between all these, squeezing in quality personal time and managing […]

How to Know When It’s Time to Quit

You’re not a quitter….. You will see something through, no matter how painful, to the bitter end because you’re resilient and you were taught to finish what you started. But at what cost? Are you willing to keep at something that provides little to no value and is actually sucking joy from your life? Because […]

How To Stop Taking Things Personally [4 Quick Tips]

Do things other people say and do easily disrupt your happiness? Can your entire mood shift because of one negative comment by a coworker or family member? If this is true, it sounds like you are taking things personally. Imagine these interactions on your morning commute to work…. An erratic driver cuts you off in […]

Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail

The ancient Babylonians are said to have been the first people to make New Year’s resolutions some 4,000 years ago. In vast contrast to the most popular resolutions nowadays — exercise more, lose weight, be a better person and get a better job — theirs were more externally focused. At the start of each new […]

[4 Ways] To Start Living Your Ideal Life

Living your ideal life requires more investment than simply writing a few bullet points in a journal or on a manifestation board… It requires actively reviewing and reflecting on all parts of your life. And as anyone who’s ever tried knows self-reflection isn’t easy. But… It is the most universally exalted path to internal self-awareness — […]



How many times have you set out to form a new habit only to crash and burn? With the best of intentions, you’re excited and motivated to make some serious change. You confirmed your new habits with your diary, calendar and maybe even a loved one. You’re committed, and the transformation starts first thing tomorrow morning. […]


How to choose and reach your highest endeavors

What is a high endeavor? Let me tell you… A High Endeavor is any undertaking worthy of your energy, love and devotion. This could mean showing up for your kid’s soccer game, washing the dishes or listening to a friend in need. These are all high endeavors minus the adventure…essential parts of life, yes, but […]

Why you should hire a life coach

An Olympic athlete wouldn’t dream of competing without the help of a coach. A climber would never scale the side of a mountain without the aid of ropes and pulleys. And a doctor wouldn’t show up for surgery without the proper education and training. So…why wouldn’t you use a life coach to be the best […]


Doing Nothing Is Good For Your Soul

When is the last time you did nothing? I’m talking NUH-THING! Literally just sat there completely idle — not watching your favorite show on Netflix or reading a book.  Are you constantly checking off a to-do list and battling the guilt that comes from time-wasters? Because let’s be clear, there’s a difference between wasting time — […]