Guest Feedback - Seth Petit

Our main man in the desert, Seth Petit, just received this guest feedback, psyched he is a member of the team! "We had a perfect trip. It isn’t easy to find a climbing guide that is well-rounded in the areas we appreciate: professional, patient,…

Red Rocks in April! - Monday Stoke

Always a fine line between appreciating today and living in the moment...and being psyched for the future! In this case we can't help but dream of sunny warm days rock climbing in Red Rocks in April. Hard to believe that just a short drive from…

Mt. Baker Sunsets - Monday Stoke

It may be February, but today we are celebrating July and August! We just received word from the Forest Service that we have more user days allotted for Mt. Baker climbs this year. What does that mean? Simply, we can offer more program dates…

Jaw Dropping Descent in the Alps - Monday Stoke

An Inner Passage guest sent this over this morning; I was speechless. You'll have to take a few minutes to check it out for yourself! Enjoy and share!

Dreaming of Summer - Monday Stoke

It may be the end of January, but we are definitely dreaming of summer this week. We are putting the final logistics together for our programs to climb the Grand Teton. This June and July We are headed to America's favorite cowboy town: Jackson…

Monday Stoke - Paria Canyon

Paria Canyon AZ / Utah. 38 miles of slot canyon. It's a bucket list experience and we are psyched to be one of the few services in the world to be able to offer this trip. This trip sells out every year far in advance and this year is no different.…

Mexico Volancoes - Monday Stoke

This morning we put the final logistics together for a private expedition to the Mexico Volcanoes in March. On an overcast winter Monday morning we were dreaming of a sunny, warm afternoon touring the pyramids of Mexico City, the sublime chicken…

Expedition: Kilimanjaro

Take a closer look at an Inner Passage expedition to the Roof of Africa: Kilimanjaro - summit climb and safari.

Microadventure at Washington Pass

It's a busy time of year: the holidays just wrapped up, kids are getting back into their schedules, work is ramping back up again...the prospect of taking time out for yourself is dim. An adventure doesn't have to be a huge epic to feed your…