Fuck Hacking: Adventure is the Cure

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Imagine an agile and focused team. They communicate with respect and curiosity. They problem-solve with creativity and resourcefulness. They act with an understanding of complexity and nuance. This level of performance doesn’t just happen – it is learned, experienced, and trained. We provide that opportunity. Exceptional leaders are always worth the investment.

Our purpose is to give dynamic leaders more tools to take an organization above and beyond expectations while helping individuals accomplish personal goals and ascend into new and challenging leadership positions.

Creating powerful executive retreats and team development experiences since 2010

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Improve communication between team members and remove hierarchical barriers
Remove obstacles that impede creativity
Clearly define organizational and team objectives and goals
Identify team strengths and challenges while highlighting individual strengths
Create an environment for innovative problem-solving that relies on internal skills and strengths

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We combine organizational development expertise with adventure to create a learning environment where group transformation occurs parallel to individual transformation. The result is significant and sustainable change. Whether your team is preparing for a great challenge or refining its excellence, our professional facilitators and guides work with you to design a custom program that challenges and supports your team. We will work with you to select an appropriate program site, and program length, determine tangible and specific goals, and deliver a high-endeavor experience that will produce extraordinary results.

This isn’t your typical executive retreat.

We have many retreats and expeditions that run year-round. Tried and true, fan favorites. Either signup for an available date or let us know the dates you’re thinking of.

MWA Retreats & Expeditions

Creating a transformative experience is what we do best. We know how demanding the process of creating a stand-out event can be. We’ve been around the globe and back–let us handle everything, so you can save time and hassle. 

MWA Custom Forum Retreats

Executive Retreats

We’ve crafted several solutions to give you the best experience for your desires

In these keynotes and workshops, learn how Matt’s own life-shaping lessons from adventuring in the wild can be replicated and applied to your organization.

Keynotes & Workshops

Matt Walker and the team have spent over a decade working with YPO and EO Forums and C-level executives in a wide range of industries and organizations. 

Over this period of time, MWA has developed a unique framework for creating powerful and transformative forum retreats, positioning MWA as the company to turn to when looking for assistance in planning a unique and experiential team adventure. MWA focuses on your specific objectives and develops an itinerary, world-class bespoke locations, and customized adventure programs that are focused on your needs and objectives.

Our process quickly identifies your teams' strengths and challenges, examines new perspectives and problem-solving approaches, and discovers the benefits of short and long-term goal setting, clear and concise planning, project management, role definition and clarity, conflict management, and effective communication.
Each team is unique and every organization has its own goals. Contact us directly to schedule a conversation and see if our programs are the right fit for your needs.

what to expect

the process

Grow in leadership and mental resilience as a team

Crush goals and ascend to new heights

We customize our programs to fit your desired outcomes and needs. Some groups prefer a half-day on-site workshop while others prefer a two-day immersion off-site. Off-site locations range from lodges and resorts to rustic wilderness settings–from Auberge properties in Napa to a private wilderness camp in Joshua Tree, California, or the Omega Retreat in upstate New York. We work with you to create the ideal environment for learning.

Where are team development experiences offered?

frequently asked questions

We don’t offer an amusement park ride. This is real learning, real challenges, and real business application in a challenging, safe, and direct learning environment. We use adventure as a tool to teach and experience leadership development not as an experience to distract from the task at hand. Our curriculum expedites the learning process and allows your team to focus with clarity, intention, and respected individual strengths. This is not a “team building junket” – This is a real-world direct application.

Rock climbing, ropes, adventures? Sounds fun (or scary) but we have real goals to focus on

It means…we take care of all the details. Simply, sign on with us and we handle all of the logistics necessary for your group to experience our programs; we support travel, transportation, lodging, meals, clothing, and gear, etc. We take care of the details so that you can focus on your organization and your team.

What does it mean that you take care of all of the details?

All programs are led by Matt Walker and consist of a skilled team of expert facilitators and adventurers. Your program will include at a minimum, a Master’s or Ph.D. level facilitator and American Mountain Guide Association certified guides.

Who facilitates your programs?

Prior to all programs we host a webinar for all participants of your program. This webinar will cover the details of the program, set the tone, goals, and desired outcomes, and offer an opportunity for Q & A prior to the experience.

How can my team prepare for our program? 

Our programs are focused on leadership development and creating solid resourceful teams – not creating world-class athletes! If you can climb a flight of stairs, you can succeed in our adventure leadership development programs. We have roles for everyone regardless of fitness or fear of heights.

What if someone is afraid of heights or not in the best shape of their life?

Matt Walker and his team are both on the ground in the U.S. and onsite throughout the retreat experiences. We understand the needs and expectations of balancing challenge, learning, and rejuvenation for participants, their spouses, and the team in total. For over 10 years, Matt Walker has been curating transformational experiences both globally and locally.

Why use Matt Walker to organize your retreat?

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We are always happy to talk with you! Let's set up a time to get on the line and decide if this climb is right for you and chart a course specific to your needs.