Basecamp is a three month mastermind and training for YOUR BFGs.


Time stops for no one: now is the time to focus, find your alignment, and fully engage. 

Your life depends on it.  

Your excuses and procrastination are killing you. Time is not on your Side. 

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March - May 2023

Get ready to push your boundaries and meet new challenges head-on without the usual distractions. By breaking free of your negative behavior patterns and embracing uncertainty, you can redefine what’s important in your life and create a renewed sense of purpose. Learn to develop sustainable habits that support adventure, unleash your leadership potential, and help you achieve your goals.

articulate your core values, cultivate healthy relationships, achieve your goals, and step fully into your power 

Don’t sit on the sidelines and imagine 'what if'–re-emerge with clarity, direction, and vitality

bruce E., NYC

"Matt’s programs are a chance to explore our collective and individual purpose in the company of other likeminded men in order to remind ourselves why we are here and why we do what we do."

Sounds pretty amazing, huh? Well, it would have been if I had the tools to see the whole picture at the time. Instead, I had a micro-vision of the world and the next expedition was always the ultimate reward to chase down. After a climbing accident in the death zone in the Himalaya, I created the Five Elements of Adventure. This framework has made all the difference between giving meaning to lofty, never-satisfying goals and finding meaning in the here and now.

Expeditioning in the most remote regions of the world, I was chasing the dream of perfect alpine rock climbs on the tallest mountains on every continent.

Re-engage with purpose, vitality, and conviction

The Expedition Ascent Plan

Accomplish your most important objectives in the next 3 months

Join me and twelve action-oriented peers to create a community whose purpose is to develop a system of accountability and action to foster Full Engagement Living in our personal and professional lives. This group is established to be a BS-free zone, one where your excuses and mental blocks will be called out and you will work your edge–this is a small, private, intimate group where you aren’t going to float through without deep work and engagement. 

The Expedition Ascent Plan is a unique and personalized approach to align your values and actions in a way that creates a sense of urgency, momentum, and vitality, allowing you to make substantial gains. My personal desire is to help you create a plan that challenges you while setting you up for success so that you can reach new summits and tap into the significant reservoir of energy and drive within each of us.

Consider which areas of your life may be greatly improved by taking decisive action. You will learn to create three very specific tasks that done throughout the week will support the goals for this category. The more specific and measurable the better.

The aim is to understand your aspirational vision, break that down into a more specific and understandable three-year vision, and then take that perspective and chunk it down into 3-month increments. The Expedition Ascent Plan is a 3-month implementation of your long-term aspirations.

The Expedition Ascent Plan is designed to help you identify your goals and create measurable items to get you to the summit.

Identify your goals

Create Objectives and Tasks

This is an ongoing system - work it, refine it, and recreate it. With discipline and time, it is amazing to see how the impossible becomes possible. From there, we start the process over, creating a new plan and shifting our behaviors in an ongoing positive feedback loop.

Execute the System


Learn, develop, and practice the art of Full Engagement Living.

How does this sound?

Experience immediate results from making the choice to move out of ‘hell’ and into ‘hell yes!’



After you embark on this journey, you can expect to…

Form new lifetime friendships & supporters who’ve walked your path (literally) in a completely confidential environment.


Receive accountability, challenging, and action-oriented support.


Cultivate your deepest purpose through your values, actions & your high endeavor.


Strengthen your body and nervous system to embrace the opportunity of uncertainty.



Without a vision, you won’t be able to accurately assess if the action steps you’re taking are moving you toward the life you want to build for yourself.



With the summit now visualized, it is time to determine your goals for each area: Relationships, Health, Work, and Self.

action steps

Beyond your vision and objectives, you will also need to ascertain the action steps necessary to make both a reality. Learn to identify the steps you will take toward obtaining your goals in your relationships, health, work, and self.

community & accountability

Gain a community of like-minded individuals who aren't afraid to call you out on your BS. Never go it alone.

“Achieved personal & professional goals at rapid speed as a result of engaging new ways of being.”


“The capacity to stay connected to their emotional state during overwhelm
and challenge in order to perform and achieve at a sustained flow state.”


“A new understanding of self and others, personally & professionally,
resulting in an increased capacity to ask for and achieve what they want.”


“Reinvigorated passion in their lives and relationships.”


Others are saying they have…

the investment

What’s Included:

  • 12-week duration
  • 7, 90-minute group sessions (all online)
  • 3, 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Matt Walker: Refinement, Strategy, and Implementation
  • VIA Strength Finder assessment
  • Weekly homework to maximize progress between coaching sessions
  • Private Facebook page for ongoing and direct interaction with Matt and other team members
  • 2 Ascent Plan book club books

If you're ready to make your next bold move, you understand you need to show up differently, and you desire more freedom across the board, we’ll get you re-centered in each of these realms–personal, professional, fitness, health, financial, social, and spiritual. Let’s clear your head so you can open yourself up to new thoughts, new ideas, and new ways of experiencing your every day. If you are interested in pushing your boundaries and meeting new challenges without the usual distractions while learning how to break free of your negative patterns of behavior, cut the bullshit and get to work!

Shift out of your comfort zone so you can see your life and its potential from a fresh perspective

Boldly redefine what’s important in your life and leave with a renewed sense of purpose.

My name is Matt Walker, Psychologist, Leadership Coach & International Mountain Guide

With 26 years of expedition experience, I’ve witnessed the massive transformation offered by outdoor adventure, only to eventually revert back to negative patterns. My mission is to fucking break that cycle! I founded Matt Walker Adventures to help high-achieving individuals create sustainable change, build resilience, and live the life they dream of living. My real-world experience, systems awareness, and deep understanding of the human experience have propelled me toward facilitating once-in-a-lifetime adventures, coaching individuals to reach their personal and professional goals, and offering professional team development workshops.

“Adventure is a lifestyle choice that supports living with intention and purpose.”

Let the power of adventure transform your life

The Schedule

  • Week 1: Kick-off Session
  • Week 2: 1:1 Session
  • Week 3: Perception–Macro and MicroAdventures
  • Week 4: None
  • Week 5: Recalibration–Centering, Focus, and Defining Intention
  • Week 6: 1:1
  • Week 7: NWOB - new tools, shed OWOB patterns
  • Week 8: None
  • Week 9: The Art of Great Companionship
  • Week 10: 1:1
  • Week 11: Moving Forward with Strength and Focus
  • Week 12: Next Steps

The Calendar of Events

  • Tuesday, March 14 | Introduction and Kick-off 90 min
  • Tuesday, March 28 | Zoom Session 60 min
  • Tuesday, April 11 | Zoom Session 60 min
  • Tuesday, April 25| Zoom Session 60 min
  • Tuesday, May 9  | Zoom Session 60 min
  • Tuesday, May 23| Zoom Session 60 min
  • Tuesday, May 30 | Concluding Call 90 min

When and How does Basecamp meet?

We meet every other week, over zoom, for 12 weeks, with 1:1 sessions with Matt in-between. Each session is on a Tuesday at 10am Pacific. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't make each session? Can I still participate?

You bet. Life happens, we all have responsibilities and sometimes there are conflicts. Make Basecamp a priority and work with Matt and other members to support you on those weeks you aren't present.  

What are we going to 'Do' in Basecamp?

An impossible question for me to answer, since you are bringing your unique perspective, skills, and wants to the team. But, each session is built around a teaching module followed by direct application to your High Endeavor: values and actions aligning.

What you create - that's on you.

What if I need additional support or have a unique challenge?

You are covered. That is where the 1:1 individual sessions with Matt come in to play. Use those calls to refine and fine tune your approach. Additionally, you are paired with a partner in the program for feedback and support.

I am concerned about confidentiality and Privacy - how does that work?

Without trust, we won't get off the ground. Trust, vulnerability, taking risk,'s all part of the process and absolutely necessary to create a solid and successful team. We will address the how and why of this part of the program in depth and work together to create that stability and mutual respect. 

Now is the time for the Summit push

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