Finding Adventure In Your Own Backyard

This article was published in February 2021 on via their content series: The Elements of Adventure with Matt Walker – the original piece can be found here


Finding Adventure In Your Own Backyard

Our daily experiences have become very localized over the past year, but there are still ways to find new adventures in our everyday lives.

Going on a local adventure is a great way to show some love to neighborhood spots and still switch up your routine.

A backyard adventure is a short excursion to a familiar location, but with a new perspective. It creates an opportunity to reimagine the possibilities of adventure and find new ways to play, explore, and connect with nature and yourself.

Your backyard adventure might take place on a local trail, in your neighborhood, or in your literal backyard. How can you change up your routine to find new adventures?

Here’s a list of ideas to inspire you next time you’re wanting to switch things up:
• Park at a different trailhead than you normally would and explore
• Go for a run or walk in the opposite direction than you normally would
• Bring your phone and challenge your hiking partner to a nature photo contest
• Bring a journal, find a place to sit, and write for 20 minutes describing everything your senses experience
• Grab a sketchbook and some colored pencils and draw what you see
• Walk an hour to run an errand that would usually take you 10 minutes by car