Next Tuesday, 9/7, I will be going live on Instagram with @Balance App at 9pm EDT / 6pm PDT for :45 minutes.

You can join me by following @Balance on IG and connecting to IG that time – we will begin with a discussion between myself and two of Balance’s instructors, then open it up to Q/A from the audience. I would love to have you join me there.

Head’s Up: Balance is offering a free year of guided meditation and programming. Nothing special to do, just download the app and it will automatically waive the fee structure and set you up with a year for free: Balance App

We all have our own rituals to find center, to calm, to soothe, and to feel secure and grounded in the midst of chaos or in the desire to slow down and be present to experience the full breadth of emotion. Sometimes this takes the form of what is considered traditional meditation and breathwork. And sometimes, it can take the form in non-traditional practice.

I choose both – traditional and non-traditional. I savor the experience of mindful movement and the resulting experience of feeling calm, gratitude, awe, and vitality.

We will be talking frankly and openly about meditation, adventure, and all of the complexity that goes into seeking challenge and uncertainty in a world that thrives on the known and certain outcome.

Tuesday, 9/7, Instagram Live with @Balance App at 9pm EDT / 6pm PDT

Instagram: @mattwalkeradventure & @balance meditation