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I’ve held women’s retreats before (read here why women’s retreats are so valuable) and now in 2018/2019, I’m offering the men an opportunity to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with their inner selves.

mens group, mens retreatIf you have ever had a moment of solitude – a moment to just be present with yourself – amongst all the above mentioned chaos, you will likely agree with me that a direct benefit of giving yourself time and space allows you to return to the everyday norm with a sense of rejuvenation, looking at your environment with fresh eyes and a more open mind. Joining a men’s retreat with your peers only enhances that experience and increases the forward momentum in your life.

If you find yourself caught up in the hustle and bustle of modern life – juggling family, work, school, and side hustles — The Summit Expedition may be just what you’ve been looking for to help you lessen the stress and live a better life.

Before we jump in to the reasons why men’s retreats and groups are so important, I’ll add here…

One of my core beliefs is that the teacher has to always be a student.

I’ve actually just returned from attending a 3 day retreat in Amsterdam. For me, one of the most profound and impactful aspects of my life is my own community, my own men’s group that I work within to be vulnerable, accountable and to support others (and be supported).

The experience of this retreat helped me get out of my own head, shift perspective and provided me with a deep level of energetic rejuvenation.

The typical male experience often involves being isolated and doing it all on our own, and while the latter, when done mindfully can be good in its own way, it’s not as transformational as the power of doing deeper level work within a community.

A significant benefit to retreats and men’s groups is that it’s outside of our geographic area. We have to make the effort to be in a different environment, in a different community.

I admit that I don’t always want to carve out space, especially when it means traveling to do so, but the rewards I have received have always been significant.That’s not always an easy thing to do or sometimes, it’s not even what we are really compelled to do…but the effort that we put into it helps create the intentionality and space for real growth to happen.

There is also an uncertainty or unknown aspect to it – that I don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s a good reminder that you can’t really have a preconceived notion of what is possible or what the outcomes can be, when we step outside of our comfort zone, and ask for help.

Okay, let’s explore a few important reasons why every man should consider attending a retreat and being a part of a supportive men’s group.

Self-awareness is the starting point of personal development

Let’s get real: lasting personal development begins with the realization of who you really are, what your values are, and what your purpose is. The men’s retreat I’m offering will provide you with the environment, foundation and support network you need in order to become a better person in all instances of your life. So that you may sustain lasting happiness, and learn how to design your life based on who you are and who you want to be.

A retreat is the best place to get in touch with your inner self

If you’re like most everyone else these days, your daily life is defined by tight schedules and never-ending demands, both professionally and personally. And it’s likely that you’re not giving yourself sufficient time to get in touch with your inner self – to take care of yourself so that you can take of others.

Retreats are becoming more and more popular, for both men and women, as a way to recharge and replenish your reserves.

A chance to meet other men who are in a similar place

With so much time spent online these days, we’re becoming a society that offers fewer and fewer places to meet and connect with others…in person.

Attending a men’s retreat gives you the opportunity to go beyond the superficial and take the time to deeply focus on what is happening in the moment, talking with and hearing from other men who are being faced with their own challenges – some that are likely similar to your own.

Connecting with other men helps us remember that we’re not alone, we all face challenges in our everyday life and we can learn new ways to manage our daily stress and become better people – for ourselves and for others.

A Men’s Retreat gives you the chance to make some new friends as well as establish new ways of living in your everyday life.

Ready to get your freedom, purpose and joy back?

Here’s some of what we’ll cover in The Summit Expedition:

  • Learn, develop, and practice the art of Full Engagement Living.
  • Experience immediate results from making the choice to move out of ‘hell’ and into ‘hell yes’!
  • Form new lifetime friendships & supporters who’ve walked on your path (literally) in a completely confidential environment.
  • Receive accountability, challenge and action oriented support.
  • Cultivating your deepest purpose through your values, actions & your High Endeavor.
  • Strengthening your body and nervous system to embrace the opportunity of uncertainty

Plus so much more…

Interested in learning more? Email me and let’s chat…