AIE EP0 Adventure in Everything

Episode 0: Matt Walker

Matt Walker, the podcast host of Adventure in Everything, is interviewed by Jeff Ton as to the why and what behind the podcast. Walker is a climber, guide, psychologist, and father – his perspective on adventure, and the lessons learned therein, offers an opportunity to engage adventure as a way of being beyond the limited definition which traditionally includes mountain climbing, global exploration, or extreme sport. 

Walker explores the foundation of his perspective: The Five Elements of Adventure

  • High Endeavor
  • Uncertain Outcome
  • Total Commitment
  • Tolerance for Adversity
  • Great Companionship

Walker concludes with the introduction of, Terra Incognita, a question all guests receive: what lay just outside of the known for you right now – what is next for you, that you have withheld from leaning into.


IG: @mattwalkeradventure 

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