AIE EP 03: Amir Khalighi

Episode 3: Amir Khalighi

In this episode Amir Khalighi, founder of Embodied Masculine and veteran of over 30 years of facilitating Men’s Groups, explores the historical, current, and future of men’s development.

Khalighi takes us on a journey to take a closer look at the men’s development space, the archetypes of men, the role of community and accountability, and explores what the shift from toxic masculinity will look like.

King, Warrior, Magician, Lover – Amir discusses the 4 Archetypes of Men in detail.  Click here for the book referenced.

Amir hosts a beautiful side project: Beloved Poetry

Learn more about Amir, his current men’s group offerings, and writing at:

Find Amir on Instagram  (@khalighi)