Quick and dirty and to the point – over the years I have had a love/hate relationship with travel. I find the disruption to my normal routine both energizing and unsettling.

Energizing in that it breaks me from my normal thought patterns and I find that my curiosity increases. I also have realized a pattern that occurs: I crave the simplicity of travel and the opportunity to focus on one thing at a time without distraction (I am writing this in a hotel in Portland with a bare table and only the contents of my travel case around me, my office is also at my home so you can insert any number of possible distraction possibilities here…).

Travel though has a flip-side. It can be unsettling in that my routine is completely broken up: where to eat, how to eat healthy, different lights and furniture, and limited options due to geography and weather (this am I felt like going for a run, not going to happen since I don’t have running shoes with me).

I find that having two specific pieces of gear with me while I travel allows me to cut through the noise and find a centered and optimal place for both creativity and productivity. Those two pieces of gear: the TRX GO Suspension Trainer and the UE Boom Bluetooth Speaker. (Note that I have no affiliation / sponsorship with TRX or UE – just a fan of both of these pieces of gear!). Both pieces are lightweight, small, and pack in your travel roller – no excuses not to have them with you.


So here is the routine as soon as I arrive in my hotel room. Regardless of the hour that I walk into my room I unpack and pullout the TRX and speaker. I travel as light as possible (hence the no running shoes with me), so I often do not have workout clothes packed – you don’t need them. The TRX workout is in your room and your room is climate controlled. Strip down to your undies and a t-shirt and get to work, no shoes needed, no tech gear.

Glamorous poor lit hotel door with TRX GO Suspension Trainer

Glamorous poor lit hotel door with TRX GO Suspension Trainer

Put on whatever music you want, doesn’t matter, just something that speaks to you. Start up the TRX app (it runs simultaneously through the speaker while your music is going) and do the first 15-minute general core-strength workout. Trust me, the first five minutes feel like syrup is running through your veins after the travel, but the last five minutes feels great and liberating: You are back in your body and your mind is cleared, simple and effective.

For an overnight on the road I get two workouts in: one when I arrive and one before I depart. No excuses.

Why the speaker instead of using the phone speaker? The phone speaker is terrible and terrible sound is not only not a creature comfort but it reminds me that I am on the road and disrupted from routine. Good sound, good vibes, good mood.

The second bonus for the bluetooth speaker is that I find my morning routine at the hotel is greatly enhanced by giving me motivation and audio engagement beyond the ubiquitous television. With the speaker in use, I never turn on the television and get sucked into the cable news stream, etc. Control your media input, maintain your focus, and make travel your friend. Two tools that make a huge difference in my world – give them a whirl.

What about you? Do you have an indispensable road warrior tool or must-have? Share below or send me a message – see you out there!