The Paradox – Choose a Tool, Practice

Overwhelm. Burden. Anxiety. Depression. Flight or fight. Shut down. Exhaustion. Frantic.

All symptoms which stem from the same state of disregulation and signs we are living out or alignment – literally, our values and actions are out of alignment and our nervous system is overwhelmed,

The paradox lay in the need to shift out of this state and that takes specific action and intention. And yet, the desired state lie on the opposite side of the spectrum: acceptance, ease, and grace – literally, not forcing the experience.

So, how do we hold this paradox? We create habits that shift our energy, gets us out of our head and into our body and feeling state, and open us to reflection, realignment, and ease.

Sound better than the list of symptoms at the top of the page?

Here are three tools that are my go to for shifting from overwhelm and a sense of burden into a state of flow and confident directionality.

A Blank Notebook

A blank notebook is my everyday carry (EDC) – I carry a small, pocket-sized notebook with y favorite pen. The notebook sits with my wallet and keys at home, and is in my pocket when I leave the house – always.

My go to is Field Notes – for the size, quality of the paper, durability (in and out of pockets and bags), and variety of awesome cover art.

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For me the EDC combined with the analog nature of the notebook is key – it’s where I brain dump ideas, to-dos, and clear space in my head. I literally create peace for myself by removing thoughts.

The analog is key here – I don’t get sucked into the digital realm which, as we all know, is a winding never ending rabbit hole.

Highly, highly recommend simple solution if you haven’t tried it…

Move Your Body

Get some air. Move your body. Walk away from the machine. Ten minutes: get up, walk out the door, walk for five minutes, turn around and walk back. That’s it.

I have chosen to live in the mountains and that offers unique opportunity to get outside and in remote spaces rapidly. But, I am just like you – I work too many hours in front of a screen, find myself rushing around with kiddos, in the car running errands, and on and on.

10 minutes of breathing fresh air, moving your body (even gently), shifting your vision from a screen to the natural world, listening to the sounds, smelling the air, noticing the light shifting…just get up and get out.

Sometime I wish I need someone to crack the whip on me: get up, stop working, get outside and breathe!

Right now I have a recurring alarm at 3:50 pm each day. Thats the point I really hit a lull. Instead of coffee or sugar, the alarm goes off, I get up, go outside do 10 push-ups, 10 squats, 10 burpees, and 10 jumping jacks – then I walk for 10 minutes.

And. I have a colleague that I do this activity with. I text him, We both groan. And then we do it at the same time. Then we text each other 10 minutes later with: done. That’s it.

Find an accountability partner – get after it. 10 minutes to shifted energy and being present.

Get Feedback

One of the absolute best tools I have used this year is the Muse Headband. And while you may look like you are wearing something out of Star Trek – the headband will absolutely shift your practice. The headband, when patterned with the Muse app, offers direct biofeedback during guided meditation – the app is intuitive and offers a significant depth of programming options.

For me, the most powerful takeaway from using the Muse system comes in the interplay between biofeedback and embodiment – I can literally feel, identify, and now recall the various states of depth of in pay practice within my body. The Muse detects brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and body movements and then provides real-time feedback and catches the wandering mind in the moment.

When I am not using the system, I am able to practice at greater depth for longer periods of time. I think of it as you personal meditation dojo. It’s a very powerful tool – I’m a fan.

Muse is offering 10% off purchases with the code: MATTADVENTURE – highly highly recommend checking it out!