September 28, 2021:

Feels good to be out of base camp and back on the mountain. I was getting a little stir crazy with the rain / snow mix and cold humid days – especially knowing that the upper mountain was clear and sunny.

Highlight: Playing with Manaslu, the dog, who has been making laps between base camp and camp 1.

Challenge: Finding my pace again after hanging in base camp and rallying to leave in the midst of a rain squall. Not a super inspiring start to the day – but throw the rain layer on, pull up the hood, and start walking. Some days that’s the option.

2nd highlight: Arriving at camp 1, feeling healthy and strong. My last rotation up to camp 2 didn’t feel that great – reassuring to experience the body acclimate and recover.

And now…back to copious amounts of hot drinks and tent time.

Maps and tracking made possible by @somewearlabs

September 29, 2021:

After a snowy night at Camp 1 – today remained calm all day. Albeit it may have been the warmest day I have ever experienced on a glacier – not to mention at altitude. Stifling hot and slowed progress considerably.

But arrived at Camp 3 at the end of the day feeling strong and with a solid appetite – two dinners, soup, and desert.

The next two days are within sight – move to Camp 4 tomorrow, a short evening nap, then a summit bid.

Highlight: finally reaching the shade in the final hour of travel and enjoying the cold temps.

Crossing paths with climbers who has successfully summitted this morning.

Challenge: overwhelming heat and beat down from the sun.

The next two days look promising – onward!

September 30, 2021:

Another full day on the mountain – arrived at Camp 4 after receiving a few inches of fresh snow last night.

As the day went on the clouds lifted further and further – and I now am at Camp 4 far above the clouds with a clear view of the summit.

Back to the high altitude routine: rest, hydrate, refuel, and more rest.

It’s as still as can be at the moment – not a breath of wind. Fingers crossed for the weather to continue to hold for another 24 hours.

The plan: up at 11:30pm, in motion towards the summit by 1am, summit and descend before the weather shifts.
Not sure where I will end the day tomorrow – it will be conditions dependent, but another night here exposed to the elements and altitude of Camp 4 won’t be an option….so maybe Camp 2, Camp 1, or Base Camp 🤷🏻‍♂️.

But for now: rest, recover, and summit climb tomorrow.

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