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Leadership development and adventure are intrinsically linked. All of the skills necessary to lead—from confidence to decision-making to mindfulness—are developed and improved through adventure.

And as you read this, we are in the midst of one of the greatest adventures in history. The entire world is on this adventure, yet none of us signed up for it.

Leadership Development through Adventure

We’re living in challenging times. Our lives are plagued with uncertainty, anxiety, and fear. But as leaders, it is our responsibility to be the calm wind in the eye of this storm. At times, it may feel like our world is falling apart… Through leadership development, we will put it back together.

For the past twenty-five years, I’ve been training to be centered, calm, and mindful in the middle of chaos. To resist the temptation to shut down or run to distractions when discomfort or fear arises.

These are the traits that have defined the best leaders throughout history and are now becoming increasingly-relevant in our unstable world.

This training has led me to create the world’s most unique and impactful leadership development experiences, using adventure and mindfulness to help leaders across all industries develop the skills necessary to navigate any crisis with grace, grounding, and clarity.



The goal of the executive retreat is to create an immersive adventure that offers leaders an opportunity to experience
clear direction, purpose, and fully engage in the moment with focus, presence, and energized with clarity.

This format is tried, tested, and true: create space (physical and mental) for challenge, calculated and managed risk, and reflection.
Leaders from the world’s largest and most successful groups around the world, such as Entrepreneurs’ Organization and Young Presidents
Organization trust it to give them the breakthroughs, clarity and development they need to perform at the highest level possible.



  • Practice how to become the calm center in the middle of chaos and act as a beacon for others.
  • Experinece a state of flow and focus that can be replicated in other areans of their life.
  • Learn to serve others without resentment when feeling overwhelemed, frenzied, and distracted.
  • Employ the Mindful Ascent Method to increase their capacity for uncertainty and discomfort.
  • Refine and clarify their decision-making process.
  • Procrastinate less and create more opportunities for deep focus.
  • Create calm when they’re feeling anxious in the midst of chaos.
  • Serve from a place of mindfulness, power, and compassion.


Adventure Retreats are curated, turn-key experiences: East Africa, Japan, Russia, Alaska, Nepal, the Cascades of Washington…these are not simply “trips” or a “vacation”—this is your chance to turn on the part of your life you’ve been neglecting and ignoring while embarking on the adventure of a lifetime.

Adventure Retreats are the summit of my teachings and framework. Adventures that are purpose-built, held in the most dramatic and iconic mountain ranges throughout the world, to shift your perspective, challenge you beyond limiting beliefs, and offer an intense and powerful wake-up to the here and now – you, here and now.

Adventure Retreats offer the necessary physical and mental space for executives, leaders, and people from all walks of life to detach from the overwhelm in their lives, learn new skills, and shift their perspective – with the ultimate goal of applying these lessons directly to the most important aspects of their life.


Men's Leadership COACH 

As a men's leadership coach and international mountain guide, I help leaders break away from their daily responsibilities and routines to rediscover their best selves, develop a clear purpose, and build the confidence necessary to lead with clarity, integrity, and humility.

If you feel successful on paper but you feel like something is missing… know that you’re not alone.

As we become successful, achieve our goals, earn promotions, and build a career others envy, we often begin to lose the passion we once felt. We feel trapped by the choices we have made. We crave challenges that will bring vitality and meaning into our lives.

I’ve discovered that high performance living happens through adventure. I take a different approach from most executive life coaches by using adventure to help you step outside of your comfort zone, unplug, and see your life for what it really is—awesome, amazing, and an opportunity to give this gift of perspective and vitality back to your family, relationships, and your work.


Matt Walker has climbed mountains on every continent, earned a Master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science, launched his own adventure company, and written a book, Adventure in Everything—all before his 40th birthday.
But he’ll be the first to tell you that what you accomplish isn’t nearly as important as how you go about accomplishing it. What matters, says Walker, is to be mindful and intentional in everything you do, aligning your values and your actions—from taking your next step on a rock wall to creating excellence in teams and driving innovation in the marketplace.

Matt had an epiphany while climbing by moonlight at 2:00AM at 24,000 feet in the Himalayas: translate the essence of adventure into all aspects of our lives—personal and professional. Matt’s philosophy is that adventure is the guiding principle that supports individuals and organizations to push beyond the preconceived notions of what is possible and aligns their values with concrete action.
As a keynote speaker to executive teams and audiences of all sizes, Walker shares how the lessons learned from the most remote mountain ranges in the world can be replicated, embodied, and directly applied to your personal and professional life and organization.

Matt’s speaking style is bold, direct and honest. Your audience will walk away ready to take specific action—with intention and direction.
Together, we will be training, literally and metaphorically, to prepare for a summit climb. And then we’ll climb it together as we embark upon the adventure of a lifetime.


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