About Matt Walker

Leadership Coach & International Mountain Guide

“Modern Living is a prison for the soul; Adventure offers the key.”

- Matt Walker

My greatest passion: unlocking revolutionary micro-shifts that dramatically enhance your life.

After leading 26 years of expeditions, I’ve witnessed far too many men experience life-changing experiences from outdoor adventures… only to see them revert to old patterns. Fuck that. You put the work in. You had the vision and clarity. You deserve to gain traction, not lose it.

I founded Matt Walker Adventures to create radical, sustainable change for high-achieving men who accomplish incredible things on paper… yet still feel unfulfilled. Here’s the thing: the most significant aspects of your life boil down to what I’ve defined as the Five Elements of Adventure. When one or more of those elements are in a deficit… the world feels like shit and you are adrift.

Instead of purely accepting what is, I’m here to show you how to build resilience, release whatever’s draining you, and actually live the life you want to live.

Once you define the areas of your life that hold the most meaning (a.k.a. what you’d put everything on the line for, you’ll unleash energy that allows you to think really fucking BIG. 

High Endeavor

When you balance the Five Elements of Adventure… the mundane becomes transformative.

This is the paradox of life: seeking certainty by stepping into the unknown. When you let shit go and embrace the unpredictability of life, you uncover life’s gifts.

Uncertain Outcome

Getting a handle on your emotional shit and learning to give less fucks allows you to push through challenges with rigor so you can reach the end goal: your vision.

Total Commitment

Finding humility and grace in instances when the world feels fucked is insanely difficult… but that ability to rebound and build resistance is powerful.

Tolerance for Adversity

Sometimes we walk alone, but here’s the hard-hitting truth: you don’t have to. And walking alone, while seemingly easier initially, will crush you. Stop making it harder on yourself.

Great Companionship

Life-shifting clarity you won’t find anywhere else