I fully believe that the moment you choose to step out of your comfort zone you realize the story and narrative in your head is what is holding you back from living the life you want.

This moment of forward momentum, when your actions and values are in alignment, is what I consider full engagement living. It is the state of high performance where vision and dreams shift into reality – into the here and now.


As the managing director and founder of Matt Walker Adventures

I have more than twenty years of international mountain guiding experience with a Master’s in Organizational Development.

Other interesting facts about me. Before the age of 40, I…

  • Led expeditions on every continent.
  • Summited 5 of the 7 Summits.
  • Published a book.
  • Gave a TedX talk.
  • Was the focus of a full length BBC documentary.
  • Fled an erupting volcano on foot.
  • Survived an open night out at 25,000 feet without a sleeping bag.
  • Became a father to two children.
  • Founded my company and lost my shirt in the financial collapse in the same year: 2008.
  • Experienced the grief and heartache of divorce following a 14-year marriage.
  • Cover of Yoga Journal and I don’t practice Yoga

I specialize in

  • Leading small groups on mountain adventures with a focus on individual development.
  • High-level personal and executive coaching.

I will help you to shift your perspective and gain energy to understand that full engagement living is a state of physical, emotional and cognitive high performance.

I offer a transformational opportunity. — adventure is a catalyst for learning to fully embrace your life and is an opportunity to gain confidence and clarity.

While working with me, I’ll teach you that you are capable of doing more than you ever imagined. You will regain your joy in life and find adventure in everything you do.

Covid 19 Uptate

Keynote delivery and workshop facilitation available via Zoom -
connect directly for custom solutions.

Throughout this era of Covid we have, as an organization and as individuals, sought guidance and support to navigate uncertainty and overwhelm. Matt Walker’s Five Elements of Adventure provided a new and engaging perspective for us. While I would have greatly preferred an in-person delivery - his presence over Zoom, coupled with rich imagery and story-telling, worked perfectly.

Colin Bodel

VP Engineering @