Must Have Gear for 2024

April 19, 2024

My go-to gear for 2024 – gear tested and favorited through expeditions and adventure.

There is no substitute for having the right piece of gear for the just the right situation. And there is nothing better than having gear that is the perfect balance between elegant, lightweight, and durable.

Over the years, I’ve bought and tested countless items from inflatable kayaks and family camping tents to water jugs and poop bags.

Below, you’ll find my go-to pieces for 2024 – tested on expeditions throughout the world.

MyMedic – Sidekick First Aid Kit

MyMedic offers, hands down, the best first aid preparedness kits out there. They arrive compact and perfectly built for backcountry use – throw them in your pack and you are ready to go. And…if you know you have a specific need or concern (blisters?, additional meds, etc), grab their specific Med Packs to cover your bases.

Garmin inReach Mini 2

The inReach Mini 2 is my go-to communication device in the backcountry and on international expedition: quickly and easily text, share locations, and ease loved ones minds when you are running a few hours behind schedule…simple and compact.

Helinox Chair Zero

Gone are the days of the cramped lower back spasms and sore knees bending over the camp stove – thank god! This chair is an aboslute must have for those of us that want to be able to relax and ease our backs and necks at the end of the day – well worth the additional lightweight 1lb 2 oz!

Shokz Open Run

I’m a convert – this is the future. My training runs / rides and alpine starts in the dark haven’t been the same since I started using these. While the sound quality isn’t over the ear headphone quality…the ability to hear and still be a part of team and environment more than make up for it.

Nemo Disco 15

No more rolling around in a fit trying to get comfortable – this is the ticket for those of us that roll around, side sleep, sleep on our backs, curl up our knees, and want some movement while snuggled up in a sleeping bag.

Hornet OSMO 2p Tent

By far the best tent I have used in years – no question about it. Light enough to carry a 2-person tent for my own use and durable enough for alpine and mountain use. While it isn’t totally freestanding (you do need to stake out a few points) it feels very stable in high winds and rough weather.

Hydrapak Flux 1.5

Simple, straightforward, and secure. All you need in a water bottle and nothing extra. I appreciate having a collapsable bottle to keep my pack a minimal as possible and the soft body nature means it can be packed at the top and contour its way into a good fit – something a hard bottle couldn’t do. Additionally, this material is durable, after having soft bottles tear and devlop pin-prick holes – this one has stood the test of time and use.


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