Fuck Hacking: Adventure is the Cure

I remember with absolute clarity the first time I went on expedition in Alaska.  Arriving in late April, my partner and I drove from Anchorage to the hamlet of Talkeetna, packed our three weeks of food and gear into a small plane with skis for landing gear, took off into Denali National Park and landed […]

Fear and Self-Doubt – Pick Your Poison, or Both 

Personal Growth

The moment you have an idea, you identify a goal, or you encounter a new desire, you have already been set on an adventure. When Joseph Campbell mapped out the Hero’s Journey, he began with the Ordinary World—this is the status quo, the known, the predictable, the life you have lived for many years. This […]

What’s Your BFG?

Personal Growth

I use two methods every day to boost my mood, engage my mind, and involve my body—just like an actual adventure.

Two Tips to Experience Adventure Every Day


When it comes to finding adventure in your everyday life, you need to explore and identify the idea of the “Learning Zone”.

Finding Adventure in the “Learning Zone”


I spend 100 days a year in a tent. As a psychologist and international mountain guide, I spend much of that time leading men on climbing expeditions, helping them reconnect with a sense of adventure.

Connecting the Power of Nature with the Power of Personal Growth

Personal Growth

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How to Choose Your Next Epic Adventure