Break free from burnout with the private coaching program for ambitious men.

Get Unstuck with One-on-one Coaching for High Achieving Men

Reignite your life

Beat Burnout

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Are you feeling...
  • On the road to burnout - even when it comes to things you used to be passionate about
  • Unclear on your life’s direction and purpose
  • Struggling with exhaustion and stress

When you feel stuck, it can seem impossible to move your life forward.

Tired of burning out and sacrificing yourself with little to show for it?

Download the 7 strategies for beating burnout and reclaiming your energy so you can live boldly with joy, success, and adventure



As driven, successful, goal-oriented man I spend too much time in execution mode: planning and getting things done. But we rarely take time for ourselves to reflect and focus. Matt’s programs are just that, a chance to explore our collective and individual purpose in the company of other likeminded men in order to remind ourselves why we are here and why we do what we do.

- Bruce E. Entrepreneur and Father

One-on-one coaching is designed for men who crave real, lasting change. Working with me you’ll prepare for incredible experiences that challenge your mindset, push your body, and revive the parts of you that have been numb for years.

Mid-life crisis? I was headed to mid-life explosion. 

Coaching with Matt gave me a lifeline to get my life together and figure out next steps without shame or judgement - thank god!

- Jason M. Finance and Father


Imagine breaking free from the shackles of overwhelming stress and rediscovering what makes you passionate about life and work. 

This package is designed for men who need an intensive coaching experience and immediate breakthrough.

Through one-on-one coaching sessions, an epic climbing adventure, and hands-on accountability, you can expect to:

  • Find clarity on your purpose and goals
  • Realign your core values and daily actions
  • Break out of unhealthy cycles
  • Reignite the relationships in your life

This is all about transforming your approach to life and creating lasting change that resonates through every decision you make.

8 Week Coaching Program

The Ignite Adventure Package

Create new clarity and start achieving your goals through one-on-one support over 6 months of coaching. 

This three-phase package is built for men who are ready to embrace new experiences and recalibrate their lives. Get clear on your purpose and set “Big F%cking Goals” with ongoing accountability, tailored exercises, and two outdoor adventure experiences.

  • Work together to define your new reality and goals. 
  • You choose the location of your transformational climbing adventure.
  • Prepare physically and mentally to put your new skills to the test.
  • Beat burnout by installing a sustainable support system for your new mindset, habits, and lifestyle.

This is all about equipping and transforming your approach to life over the long haul. Redefine success and create lasting change you’ll feel in every area of life.

Our best-selling 6-month coaching program

Not sure where to start? Connect with Matt and chart your next step.

In as little as eight weeks, you could be living with a fresh vision, new daily habits, and clear sense of purpose. Through one-on-one coaching and once-in-a-lifetime expeditions, Matt Walker will help you break out of your broken routine and engage with life in a new way.

Matt Walker is an International Mountain Guide and psychologist who’s committed to helping men leverage intentional mindset work and outdoor expeditions to spark long-term change. Matt believes adventure is the catalyst that unlocks more clarity – opening the path for the life-changing shifts you’ve been searching for. 

Stop going through the motions and feeling disconnected with the world around you. Connect with Matt today and learn how you can unplug, reset, and recalibrate your life through the power of adventure.

Tired of burning out and sacrificing yourself with little to show for it?

Download the 7 strategies for beating burnout and reclaiming your energy so you can live boldly with joy, success, and adventure