This is life-shifting coaching like you’ve never experienced.

Epic global mountain expeditions for high-achieving men.

Reignite your life

Break through barriers

Crush your goals

  • You’re burned out, even when it comes to things you used to be passionate about.
  • You’re exhausted by the mental weight you carry.
  • Your work-life balance is anything but— and you struggle to be present for either.
  • You want to engage, but you don’t even know where to start.

When you feel stuck, it seems impossible to move forward

You may feel stuck, but this doesn’t have to be your new reality. When you challenge your mind and body, real change happens.

You’ve been grinding for years.
Now it’s time to start living.

These high-intensity coaching packages are designed for men who crave real, lasting change. Whether you engage for eight weeks or eight months, prepare for incredible experiences that challenge your mindset, push your body, and revive the parts of you that have been numb for years.

Give yourself permission to experience life. Because waking up every day with renewed drive, passion, and energy isn’t an indulgence and achieving your biggest goals isn’t a pipe dream.

The Agile Ascent Package

This quick-launch package is designed for men who need an intensive coaching experience and immediate breakthrough.

Through one-on-one coaching sessions, an epic adventure, and hands-on accountability, you can expect to:

  • Find clarity on your purpose and goals
  • Realign your core values and daily actions
  • Break out of unhealthy cycles
  • Reignite the relationships in your life

Eight weeks of laser-focused coaching for life-shifting results.

Starting at $1,600.

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The Ignite Adventure Package

Learn by doing as we engage in six months of one-on-one coaching, accountability, tailored exercises, and two adventure experiences.

This three-phase package is built for men who are ready to embrace new experiences and recalibrate their lives:
  1. We’ll work together to define your “Big Hairy Audacious Goals” and what the finish line looks like.
  2. You choose the location of your transformational adventure where we’ll put your new skills to the test.
  3. We’ll create a sustainable system that solidifies your new mindset, habits, and lifestyle.

My best-selling coaching and excursion package for full-engagement living

Starting at $7,500.

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“VIP” Peak Performance Package

This bespoke package is completely designed around you. With intensive coaching, amazing excursions, and exclusive access to special trips and events, my Peak Performance program will equip you to conquer the highest summits— literally and figuratively.

Get ready to:
  • Feel new energy, passion, and drive
  • Be healthier than you’ve ever been
  • Fuel and focus your creativity
  • Shatter your roadblocks

If you’re craving adventure, new experiences, and life unlocked, hit the button below to apply now.

The ultimate custom coaching experience

In as little as eight weeks, live with a clearly defined vision, create new habits that serve you daily, and regain your sense of purpose.

3. Get Clarity

Through one-on-one coaching and once-in-a-lifetime expeditions, I’ll help you break out of the routine and engage with life in a new way.

2. Set Big Goals

Complete the application below. We’ll jump on a clarity call and figure out which coaching program will reignite your life. 

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Three steps to breakthrough:

Due to the dedicated time and support each program requires, I accept a limited number of clients each season.

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As an International Mountain Guide and psychologist, I’ve seen how intentional mindset work and outdoor expeditions work together to create long-term change. I believe adventure is the catalyst that unlocks a clarity like you’ve never known, and that focused coaching grounds those positive changes.

You can keep living life, going through the motions and never really connecting with the world around you. Or you can unplug, reset, and recalibrate with transformative coaching and clarity-creating adventure.

Stop dreaming. It’s time to start living.

Hit Reset and Spark Adventure in Your Life

How to Choose Your Next Epic Adventure