Life-shifting clarity you won’t find anywhere else.

Rewrite the script & radically change your life

Get Straight

Set Your Direction

Align Your Actions

Drop Your Bullshit

Crush Your BFGs

The only way your life will dramatically improve is when you remove whatever has a chokehold over you. Maybe it’s burnout, your limiting beliefs, residual trauma, or emotional shit & negative self-talk. The excuses stop today. 

Stop allowing yourself to fall short when you have the potential to go so much farther.

What are you willing to let go of to achieve life-shifting clarity?

Reviving your purpose and reinvigorating parts of you that have been numb for years is closer than you think. Whether you engage for eight weeks or eight months, these high-intensity coaching packages are designed for men who are ready to cut the bullshit and radically change their lives.

It’s time to stop existing and actually live. 


Get ready to push your boundaries and meet new challenges head-on without the usual distractions. By breaking free of your negative behavior patterns and embracing uncertainty, you can redefine what’s important in your life and create a renewed sense of purpose.

The Agile Ascent Package

Craving an immediate breakthrough? This 8-week package offers one-on-one coaching sessions, an epic adventure, and hands-on accountability that will help you:

  • Unlock newfound clarity on your purpose and goals
  • Realign your core values and daily actions
  • Break out of unhealthy cycles
  • Reignite the relationships in your life

Starting at $1,600. 


"Matt’s programs are a chance to explore our collective and individual purpose in the company of other likeminded men in order to remind ourselves why we are here and why we do what we do."

The Ignite Adventure Package

Want to recalibrate your life? Unleash full-engagement living with my best-selling 6-month package of one-on-one coaching, accountability, tailored exercises, and two epic adventure experiences. Together we’ll:

  • Identify your Big Fucking Goals and I’ll show you the exact roadmap on how to get there
  • Select the transformative location that will redefine your life and put your new skills to the test
  • Walk away with a sustainable system that solidifies your new mindset, habits, and lifestyle

Starting at $7,500.


“VIP” Peak Performance Package

Ready to conquer everything that scares the shit out of you? This bespoke package is completely designed around your unique needs and offers intensive coaching, incredible excursions, and exclusive access to special trips and events.

Get ready to:
  • Feel alive again
  • Be healthier than you’ve ever been
  • Fuel and focus your creativity
  • Shatter your roadblocks

Voxer Coaching

What’s Included:

✓30-day Voxer access with Matt Walker
✓A free copy of Matt’s comprehensive workbook, “Adventure in Everything”

In as little as eight weeks, you’ll cut whatever bullshit doesn’t serve you, adapt life-shifting habits, and reinvigorate your sense of purpose.


Your vision isn’t just a pipe dream, it’s a destination. Through coaching and once-in-a-lifetime expeditions, I’ll help you take massive steps to achieve anything you set.

2. Aim For Big Fucking Goals

All excuses out the window. We’ll talk and I’ll prescribe you the best program to get you unstuck.

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