Choose your next adventure with this guide.

Which adventure will deliver the spark you need?

I use two methods every day to boost my mood, engage my mind, and involve my body—just like an actual adventure.

When it comes to finding adventure in your everyday life, you need to explore and identify the idea of the “Learning Zone”.

Although I’m a professional climber, I’ve found that we don’t need to scale a mountain to experience the mental health benefits of adventure. In fact, you can create adventure from right where you are.

You Don't Want to mIss thIs.. 

Listen to this interview with Todd Kashdan that references working with me to explore perceived risk vs. actual risk and the state of flow experienced through climbing.

Hidden brain

Check out this documentary following my dedication to exploring the true power of adventure. 


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The five elements of adventure workbook: Create a Life of Authenticity, Purpose, and Inspiration