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Adventure is the Cure

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Divorce and Adventure? WTF?

7 Day Adventure Reset

Adventure is the catalyst that unlocks more. More clarity. More challenge. More perspective. More of you.
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Join Matt for a discussion examining the crossroads of divorce, adventure, and the full reset of our lives. 

Malaise. Digital Overwhelm. Exhaustion. Disconnected and isolated. Adrift. Anxious. 

Adventure is the cure for the overwhelm and isolation of modern life.

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Your Reset

My go-to gear for 2024 – gear tested and favorited through expeditions and adventure.

Life moves fast. Insanely fast. And we all struggle to keep up with the deluge of input and conflicting demands on our time and energy: personally and professionally. An adventure mindset offers an immediate, and directly tangible, solution. The Five Elements of Adventure are the foundational philosophy and the filter through which we can reflect, […]

I use two methods every day to boost my mood, engage my mind, and involve my body—just like an actual adventure.

When it comes to finding adventure in your everyday life, you need to explore and identify the idea of the “Learning Zone”.

Although I’m a professional climber, I’ve found that we don’t need to scale a mountain to experience the mental health benefits of adventure. In fact, you can create adventure from right where you are.