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Adventure is the Cure

Designing Your Adventure

Divorce and Adventure? WTF?

7 Day Adventure Reset

Adventure is the catalyst that unlocks more. More clarity. More challenge. More perspective. More of you.
Download the free guide to creating your next adventure.  

Join Matt for a discussion examining the crossroads of divorce, adventure, and the full reset of our lives. 

Malaise. Digital Overwhelm. Exhaustion. Disconnected and isolated. Adrift. Anxious. 

Adventure is the cure for the overwhelm and isolation of modern life.

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Your Reset

partners In Adventure

In need of an adventure crew? We know just the folks.

My Medic

First aid kits that will actually save your life, not just band aids and gauze! Meticulously curated for real use in the field - My Medic kits live in my house, my car, and in my pack.

MWA Go-To Kits



Curating the World’s Coolest Men’s Clothing, Footwear, & Gear. 



Lofta - Total Sleep Health

Lofta removes the barriers to total sleep health. 




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The Total Commitment Retreat

3 Days in the desert southwest to reset, recenter, and recommit to your personal and professional direction and intention. 

Moab, Utah


Kathmandu, Nepal

Adventure in Everything The Trailer

Two weeks in Nepal: six participants venture on a series of adventures to explore the landscape, how they manage uncertainty and fear, while joining together in teamwork and personal development. 

Pilot television based on the foundational philosophy of Matt Walker's Five Elements of Advenutre

Rewrite Your Future

Adventure is a catalyst for change, for clarity, and for aligning our values and actions. Nothing realigns us like it - the direct and immediate challenge, the feedback, the menal chatter, the opportunity to be in the moment, out of heads, and fully focused - it is life altering.

And...many of us haven't been in that space in years (if not decades)! 

Total Commitment

Total Commitment may not be what you think it is. It isn't grit, blind determination, go it alone, make it happen at all costs.

Total commitment is a nuanced approach that demands clarity of values, intentional action, and a willingness to pivot based on new perspective and new input. 

Think you can handle operating Total Commitment?

Listen to this interview with Todd Kashdan that references working with me to explore perceived risk vs. actual risk and the state of flow experienced through climbing.

hidden brain podcast

where you may have seen me

Check out this documentary following my dedication to exploring the true power of adventure. 

the five elements of adventure on apple tv

Curious to learn more about creating a life of authenticity, purpose, and inspiration? Then you need to get your hands on this book. 

adventure in everything book on amazon