Yes, it’s fucking scary… but that’s the point. Adventure is the apex of paradigm-shifting changes that will bring you miles closer to a fully-engaged existence.

Cut the bullshit & plunge head-first into uncharted territory

Mind Blowing Excursions

Insane Breakthroughs

No Experience Needed

WARNING: These global expeditions are NOT for the faint of heart. 

This will not come as a surprise: you CAN handle it. In fact, you can blow past whatever threshold you set for yourself, tell fear to fuck off and embark on unlocking a transformative next stage of life. 

They’re designed to deeply challenge you emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Ready to step into the biggest adventure of your life?

Mountain Climbing Camp

Push past your limiting beliefs and climb your ass to the top of a mountain. There are no words to explain the adrenaline-pumped wave of emotions that envelops your body when you reach the top of the summit and take in those breathtaking views. No prior climbing experience is needed. All technical gear is included. No excuses.

Rock Climbing Retreat

Confront your internal struggles and reach new heights in more ways than one. You’ll uncover a quick taste of adventure that will anchor you and set the foundation for incremental shifts. All levels of climbing are welcome.

International Excursion

Immerse yourself in a completely new environment and leave this international experience a changed man. This is the ultimate wake-up call that will truly take you from just existing… to actually living. Leave your comfort zone behind and embark on a transformative adventure of a lifetime.

Bespoke Custom Adventures

Crush your BFGs (Big Fucking Goals) with a completely personalized experience that will dig deep and uniquely challenge your individual mind and body.

Whether you opt for a single adventure, quarterly excursions, or an incremental build of expeditions to one epic, awe-inspiring mountain climb… this is the most expansive way to reshape your life.

Space is limited to four applicants annually (two spots remaining in 2023).

In this process, you’ll build resilience, drop emotional baggage, and redefine your purpose. It’s going to be one hell of a climb.

3. Give Less Fucks

Warning: whatever adventures I prescribe might scare the shit out of you, but that’s where your untapped potential is waiting. Pick the one that will create the life-changing shift you need.

2. Get Your Shit Together

Get out of your own way and take the next step to uncovering what you actually want. Together, we will get there.

1. Let’s Talk

Let adventure be the catalyst for your new life.

Blow past the threshold

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