Basecamp: The 8-week online group coaching program for ambitious men to beat burnout and live a bold life of joy, success, and adventure.

break free from burnout and redefine success on your terms

defeat burnout

find fulfillment

reclaim your drive

  • Stuck on a treadmill of success and striving for more
  • Unclear on your life’s direction and purpose
  • Struggling with exhaustion and burnout
  • Nearing your breaking point

even successful men can feel trapped in a cycle of their own success.

Are you feeling...

I'm calling bullshit. It's time to unplug, reset, and re-engage with life. 

 don't settle for temporary fixes.

As driven, successful, goal-oriented man I spend too much time in execution mode: planning and getting things done. But we rarely take time for ourselves to reflect and focus. Matt’s programs are just that, a chance to explore our collective and individual purpose in the company of other likeminded men in order to remind ourselves why we are here and why we do what we do.

- Bruce E. Entrepreneur and Father

Embrace a future where your professional success amplifies your personal fulfillment. Spots are limited, and the journey begins soon. Are you ready to redefine what success means to you?

Join Basecamp and step into the life you deserve.

Mid-life crisis? I was headed to mid-life explosion. 

Basecamp, with the collective support of all of the men, gave me a lifeline to get my life together and figure out next steps without shame or judgement - thank god!

- Jason M. Finance and Father

Next Session Begins:  June 20, 2024
Limited to 8 Participants
Enrollment: $800


Imagine breaking free from the shackles of overwhelming stress and rediscovering what makes you passionate about life and work. Basecamp isn't just about coping with burnout; it's about transforming your approach to life and creating lasting change that resonates through every decision you make.

Join Basecamp, an 8-week transformative journey designed for the ambitious, the overwhelmed, and the adventurers at heart. This isn't just another program—it's a rebellion against the burnout that plagues driven professionals.

In Basecamp, you'll dive deep into strategies that challenge the status quo of success. You'll learn to harness your inner strength and reshape your life's narrative. Discover a path to fulfillment that doesn't demand sacrificing your hard-earned achievements.

beat burnout

rewrite your story

redefine success

8 week online men's group

Apply the insights and tools you acquire to your daily life, reclaiming control and purpose and crushing burnout for good.

3. Go from burnout to balanced

Roll up your sleeves and lean in for 8 weeks of group sessions, connecting with other men as you embrace the challenges and rewards that await.

2. join the group

Decide that the cycle ends here. Acknowledge that your current situation is not sustainable and commit to making a change by joining Basecamp.

1. commit to change

we get it - feeling stuck is soul-crushing

Here's how we help you get off the sidelines and take back your life.

redefine success on your terms.

Basecamp is not a quick fix; it’s a comprehensive 8-week program designed to transform the way you approach your work and life.

Led by Matt Walker, a seasoned men’s coach, this program provides a strategic blend of coaching, community, and actionable steps to lead you towards genuine, lasting fulfillment.