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Powerful keynote talks that reignite your purpose and push you to achieve a fully-engaged life fueled by the power of adventure.

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Your team deserves to thrive and relinquish the mental weight that sucks the joy out of their lives. In order to reignite their passions and re-energize their minds, we need to unpack their struggles to identify which areas of their lives are depleted. 

Don’t let stress & overwhelm weigh your team down

As a keynote speaker, I walk audiences through the Five Elements of Adventure.

By the end of our time together, participants will know exactly what actionable steps to take to operate from a place of clarity and confidence and really push through anything that has ever held them back.

This isn’t death-by-powerpoint. Follow me as I share first-person images of expeditions throughout the globe and lead you on ascents on every continent and above 24,000 feet and into the death zone.

Whether you’re looking for an intimate mindset shift for a core team of 30 executives or you want to impact the lives of thousands at a game-changing event… My life-shifting passion for adventure is the key to rippling change for audiences of any size.

My workshops are the monumental nudge you need to spark groundbreaking moments of reflection & meaningful change. 

Evoke curiosity within your team & reshape their lives with the power of adventure.

Throughout this era of Covid we have, as an organization and as individuals, sought guidance and support to navigate uncertainty and overwhelm. Matt Walker’s Five Elements of Adventure provided a new and engaging perspective for us. While I would have greatly preferred an in-person delivery - his presence over Zoom, coupled with rich imagery and story-telling, worked perfectly.

- Colin Bodel
VP Engineering at Shopify

“Matt Walker was a hit at our annual company summit. He captivated our audience of 300 people with his stories and 5 elements of adventure. The content was inspiring, thought provoking and memorable. In the weeks leading up to the summit, working with Matt was also a breeze! He was incredibly responsive to all email and phone communication. Setting him up for his session was seamless and everything went off without a hitch. With having our event take place at a lodge in the middle of the Columbia River Gorge, Matt could not have made for a more perfect fit!

- Jessica Espinosa
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