Fuck Hacking: Adventure is the Cure

The moment you have an idea, you identify a goal, or you encounter a new desire, you have already been set on an adventure. When Joseph Campbell mapped out the Hero’s Journey, he began with the Ordinary World—this is the status quo, the known, the predictable, the life you have lived for many years. This […]

What’s Your BFG?

Personal Growth

Last week was exactly what I needed.  I had the honor of guiding a client on his first trip to Potrero Chico—a magnificent climbing destination nestled into the mountains of Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Potrero Chico, located a short drive from Monterrey (which is a short flight from Houston) is considered one of the best climbing […]

Slow TF Down—The Adventure is Just a Bonus


I remember with absolute clarity the first time I went on expedition in Alaska.  Arriving in late April, my partner and I drove from Anchorage to the hamlet of Talkeetna, packed our three weeks of food and gear into a small plane with skis for landing gear, took off into Denali National Park and landed […]

Fear and Self-Doubt – Pick Your Poison, or Both 

Personal Growth

Leadership is a funny thing. To pull from the infamous question to define porn: you know it when you see it – leadership is the same thing. You know it when you see it. Or to be even more opaque about it: you know it when you feel it. To further muddy the waters, leadership […]

What Makes a Leader?

Personal Growth

I have blood streaming down my arm and into my jacket. My hands are jammed into the crack above my head, my legs are stretched out as wide as I can manage with my feet pressing against small divots on the granite wall, I am sweating bullets, and breathing so rapidly I fear that I […]

No more hustle. Stop. Hard Reset.


The patriarchy is a load of shit and it’s time to dismantle it. I’m saying this from my perch of privilege and you’re probably rolling your eyes. “Someone shut this white guy up.” “Matt, it is not your time to speak, here.” “Man, you better be quiet before you put your foot in your mouth.” […]

Fighting the Patriarchy (While Also Being in the Patriarchy)

Mental Health

A fast and challenging single-track mountain bike descent. The crux moves of a rock climb with wild and disorienting exposure. Climbing a windy ridgeline trail in the driving rain. The sunrise on a still lake as loons fly overhead. Each of these experiences involuntarily creates an experience of mindfulness. The focus, novelty, and environment bring […]

Mindfulness & Gratitude

Personal Growth

The space between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is busy. Being busy can be good: gatherings with friends and family, traditions that ground you in a sense of place and community, and creating memories with those closest to us.

Take Time To “Do Nothing” This Holiday Season

Mental Health

I use two methods every day to boost my mood, engage my mind, and involve my body—just like an actual adventure.

Two Tips to Experience Adventure Every Day


When it comes to finding adventure in your everyday life, you need to explore and identify the idea of the “Learning Zone”.

Finding Adventure in the “Learning Zone”


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How to Choose Your Next Epic Adventure